Essay about How Greenhouse Gases Increase Atmosphere Temperature

Essay about How Greenhouse Gases Increase Atmosphere Temperature

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The trapped greenhouse gases increase the temperature of the atmosphere, oceans and landmasses and this creates a ripple effect that disrupts the rain cycle causing heavier rainfall to occur. Subsequently due to the trapped greenhouse gases, the earth’s temperature increases; making it a lot warmer than it is supposed to be. The increase in temperature in turn melts the polar ice caps causing the sea levels to get higher; due to this more land is lost by being engulfed by the increase in the earth’s water mass. The natural ecosystem is then negatively affected by the extreme weathering and increase in sea levels. For example animals that live in the tropics may get their habitats destroyed by vigorous typhoons, while animals such as polar bears lose their habitat when ice caps melt. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “The global average temperature has increased by more than 1.4°F over the last century.” (Climate change facts, EPA). Out of the 100% energy the earth gets from the sun, only 30% is absorbed by the earth, while the remaining 70% bounces back out. The earth then emits absorbed energy because it is significantly warmer than the sun; however greenhouse gases thwart this from happening causing earth to be warmer. In addition to the natural sources of greenhouse gases like volcanoes, human activities such as deforestation have an inclining effect on the greenhouse gases. This is proof that earth’s temperature has increased due to the trapped sun radiation that enters the atmosphere but is unable to leave it.
The final global environmental problem is overpopulation; this is when a specific population exceeds the optimum capacity of its ecological niche. As mentioned before, humans are t...

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...ear 1999 was at 6 billion and predicts that by 2050 it’ll be at 9.2 billion and will further increase as the years go by. This is a significant problem because if people do not use contraception or implement proper family planning, the natural resources will be exhausted. The U.N. has stated that if fertility isn’t maintained at the levels of 1995-2000 the world will suffer from overpopulation with the number hitting 244 billion by the year 2150 and 134 trillion by the year 2300. Moreover the increase in human population has increased pollution in many third world countries. For example the rate of overpopulation in Africa is very high and with this many are living unfortunately and are disease ridden. For example since family planning is not practiced and there is inaccessibility to medicine diseases such as malaria and HIV are widely spread across the continent.

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