How Fashion Industry And The Media Manipulate And Take Girls Essay examples

How Fashion Industry And The Media Manipulate And Take Girls Essay examples

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With this being said there’s proof about how Fashion industry and the media manipulate and take girls to the point where they expose themselves to extreme dieting in an attempt to reach these “beauty standards” mainly because they feel insecure for not fitting in these standards even though they do realize it’s stupid to follow. As Rush Medical College member, Nada Stotland quotes in Do Thin Models Warp? “ The decrease in body image amongst women has caused millions of them to turn to unhealthy methods of weight loss such as smoking cigarettes, taking laxatives, and developing eating disorders like anorexia nervosa or bulimia” (5). The numbers showed in statistics about how woman are becoming more concerned of being thin from an early age are worrying. Sharlene Hesse- Biber quotes a twelve year old in her text “Am I Thin Enough Yet? as saying:“When I see these twigs of people in the magazines and on TV, I say ‘I’m going to go on a diet’. I think I won’t look good in those clothes because I’m not that thin. You almost want to get thin just so you can wear the right clothes.” (5) Restrictions on what size a fashionable woman is allowed to be does not only influence models and adolescents, but that “extreme thinness also infects middle-aged women who diet down to a size eight in order to struggle into clothes designed for a teenage body.” (Mulvagh,11)

In “Eating Disorder Statistics” a site that shows information about eating disorders is shown that one of every five women between the ages of 12 and 25 struggles or has struggled with eating disorders. Picture the positive impact in this women’s self-esteem if magazines started showing women with different types of bodies instead of negatively influencing them like it’s happeni...

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...t size you are, because none of them go over a size fourteen anyway you couldn’t be fat and fashionable” and another “I don’t have an ideal weight. I just have to feel comfortable in my clothes.”

The study done by The Body Image and Better Health Program in Victoria concerning women and their sense of body image identified the fashion industry and clothes shopping as major contributors to this deteriorating sense of self worth. Many of the women believed that fashionable clothing was designed only with a thin tall woman in mind, and was therefore discriminatory. Such discrimination by the fashion industry made these women regard such a body shape as enviable and superior over others and that fashion “generates, perpetuates and depends on this [slim] idealization.” The survey also recognized the experience of trying on clothing as a time when women were forced to

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