Essay on How Does The World Plays A Lot For Racial Background?

Essay on How Does The World Plays A Lot For Racial Background?

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Have you realized how much the world plays a lot in racial background? Not everyone is the same, but isn 't that what makes all of us special? There are several movies that helped me to realize how important race is but the Imitation of Life spoke to me the most. Lora is a single white Broadway mother who met Annie and her daughter at a festival. Annie becomes the maid and a care taker of Lora’s daughter Suzie. Both mothers deal with motherhood and different ways. Lora wants to be famous and ruins her relationship with her daughter. Sarah Jane struggle with being black. Overall the purpose of Imitation of Life is to inform the differences between being black and white in America. When I think of motherhood the first thing that comes to my mind is sacrifice. A mother that loves her child will always put their child above all. No matter how stubborn or disobedient that child may be a mother will love her child no matter what. I have never seen so much love and sacrifice that a mother has for a daughter like Annie and Lora has in Imitation of Life. The love that those mothers have for their daughters is incredible. They both want what 's best for them.
Douglas Sirk is the director and Ross Hunter produced the Imitation of life and released its April 17, 1959. It’s amazing that a movie that handled subjects such as race and class in such a real way was released during the beginning of the Civil Rights era. The movie was actually a remake of a Fannie Hurst book in 1933. The Civil Rights era was one of the most crucial times in history. That did not stop both blacks and whites from enjoying the movie. Mahalia Jackson even sang one of her favorite songs in the movie. Imitation of Life ended up being the fourth highest grossing movie o...

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...Sarah was not pleased to have a black mother because of the way that society looked at black people. Many viewers would say that Sarah Jane was ungrateful. Annie did not care about her daughter racial background. Sarah was destroyed to have a black mother and did not want to be seen with her. Despite how society seen Annie showed her daughter true love by not hiding who she was until Sarah was a young lady.
My last reason is that you should love yourself no matter who you are. In the Imitation of Life we can see that Sarah Jane had a hard life. That is simply because she wasn’t accepting who she was. Douglas describe making the movie hopeless. (Rachel) Race and being a woman are still two hard things in trying to live out the American Dream. Sarah Jane was black and white but only lived her life as a black woman just because she wanted to be accepted in society.

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