How Does Technology Affect Our Lives? Essay

How Does Technology Affect Our Lives? Essay

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Today, as a result of technology, everyone is always connected and available to others. People across the country are just a quick phone call or text away. There is minimal human contact. If someone has a question they can use the internet to look it up instead of asking another person. People are constantly checking their phones not wanting to miss a single message, email, or social networking update. These habits can truly undermine the experience of travel. Multitasking allows one’s mind to wander. It gives that person something to look forward to or to dread, instead of just living in the present. After putting down the electronics, people can truly appreciate their surroundings and have memorable conversations with others. Living in the moment allows for enjoyable experiences that cannot be found on a screen. To have a real and engaging experience, a person’s attention must be on the now and what is currently happening; technology can be very helpful while traveling, but it is important to find a balance.
According to the article, “Being There” by Robert D. Kaplan, travel is an important part of life, but it must be done right. The article starts with Kaplan on a plane and landing to find numerous emails which require serious responses; showing how constantly available people are. He states, “The media tells us how lucky we are to live in the Information Age. I believe we have created hell on Earth for ourselves.” Kaplan also talks about back in the day when there was no advance notice of arrivals. People did not waste time sending emails to set up appointments; instead hospitality was offered, almost without question. Today, any questions would be directed towards a website for the answer. The intensity of ...

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... a person’s life. For many, it is also a luxury which should not be taken for granted. Kaplan makes some great points defending technology-free traveling, which should be passed on to future generations. Especially because each new generation will be more and more technology reliant. It is important for people to live outside of the technological world, not just because they are told to, but because they want to. Learning to appreciate the moment while also communicating and acknowledging one’s company are great practices to live by, even when not traveling. With that being said, combining this mindset with fundamental technology use just might create the perfect harmony. Truly appreciating an authentic experience, surroundings, and community while having the opportunity to snap shot the memory seems fool proof enough, with benefits that can last a life time.

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