Essay about How Does One Person Develop Into The Human That He Or She?

Essay about How Does One Person Develop Into The Human That He Or She?

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How does one person develop into the human that he or she is? Do his or her characteristics depend on the qualities he or she was born with? Or does his or her upbringing mold them into the person he or she becomes? The debate between nature and nurture is one that can be difficult to conclude and thus has been argued for centuries. Sheri S. Tepper explores this issue in her acclaimed novel The Gate to Women’s Country. The narrator of the work, Stavia, lives in a woman-dominated, post-apocalyptic country, where the women’s goal is to breed out the violent and murderous qualities that men are believed to possess. These women have an preconceived ideal people who are “CAPABLE of violence and ruthlessness, but very much in control of their tempers and aggression” ( Unfortunately, there are some traits that the women cannot breed out. For example, one trait would be jealousy, which Joshua, a servitor, wrestles with when deciding whether or not to kill Michael, the garrison commander (Tepper 305). Thus, Tepper is making a statement that nature is stronger than nurture. However, the women’s system proves to be flawed. Though the matriarchs in Women’s Country attempt to create a nonviolent, utopian society through eugenics, it can never be achieved due to the fact that upbringing and tradition trump science as well as natural born traits. This is shown through Tepper’s characters Chernon, Stavia, and Susannah.
Men will always have distinct biological traits that make them tough humans. As Tepper writes, “Boys play with death as though it were a game, cutting their teeth on daggers” (34). However, underneath the masculinity, men also have feelings and tend to be more sensitive than they let off. In Women’s Country, when ...

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...n of Women’s Country attempting to altar society and change their nature, they will not succeed unless the women start changing their methods of upbringing. The warriors will always be taught to be violent and protect their honor, the women of Women’s Country will continue producing children to send to the garrison, and the Holylanders will always be a corrupt, misogynistic society. As Dave Belden from The Gate to Women’s Country blog comments: “Do most men in our culture not cry easily because we are taught not to?…or is it in part because testosterone inhibits crying?” ( It is unrealistic to believe that one can change another’s genetic makeup simply by breeding out these traits. Instead, it is the way in which the men were taught that makes one believe that they may never cry. Nurture’s force will always take precedence over naturalistic qualities.

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