Essay about How Did You Establish Rapport : What Worked, What Did Not Work?

Essay about How Did You Establish Rapport : What Worked, What Did Not Work?

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How did you establish rapport: what worked, what did not work?
To establish rapport with my client I introduced myself and talked a little about my major and the purpose of us meeting. I then asked her to tell me a little about herself. She came in very excited and eager to learn ways to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. She was smiling at all times and shared that she was 5 months pregnant. I congratulated her on her baby and asked her if she knew what she was having as a way to get her to feel comfortable talking with me. Before I began asking her questions I assured her that everything she shared with me was going to be kept confidential. Furthermore, I informed her that she did not have to answer at any time any question she did not feel comfortable answering. I was able observe a big sigh of relief as she relaxed herself on her chair. I feel that making good eye contact and using reflective listening helped me for further establishing rapport. Reflective listening assisted to show I was listening to her. For example, I remember using phrases like, So let me see if I understand during our session as a way to show her that I was listening. At all times during our meeting I smiled and praised her for her motivation in attempting to change her behavior. This tremendously helped boost her confidence and eagerness to want to start right away with her behavior change.
What Stage of Change were they in and how did you assess their Stage of Change?
I was able to determine that my client was in the preparation stage because she was aware of the importance of her eating vegetables and fruits for both her and the baby’s health. Furthermore, because she is in the process of beginning to change right away.
What strategies did y...

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... definitely helpful for me because I was able to learn of new areas I need to practice in. Also, to not be afraid to not always know how to handle every scenario since I am only a novice. I definitely still have a lot to learn and experience to become an expert. I am excited to do more real live counseling sessions like this one so that I can strength my skills and become more confident in working in this type of settings. I plan to research more strategies when coming across different scenarios to be better prepared. Furthermore, practice and practice more with different people that I do not know to be comfortable working with people with different personalities. For example, people that are quieter, shy, and perhaps anti-social so that I can practice in learning ways of establishing rapport with them and working in making them feel more comfortable talking to me.

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