Essay on How David Goldberg Uses Pathos and Logos in his Writing

Essay on How David Goldberg Uses Pathos and Logos in his Writing

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Rhetorical Analysis
Writers always write in different styles in order to attract readers. Every piece of writing has different types of rhetorical methods. For example, “If Technology Is Making Us Stupid, It’s Not Technology’s Fault,” there are different types of techniques used to appeal to writers. In parts of the essay it has logic which is known for using logos. The writer uses very strong emotions which is known as pathos. The way the writer wrote this essay is known as informal writing. He used many facts and statistics to help prove his points. David Theo Goldberg was able to put all the rhetorical methods together to make this a really well formed piece of writing. This way Goldberg was able to supports his thoughts and facts by using different types of rhetorical methods.
David Goldberg is known as the Director of the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Goldberg made this post to bring up one important issue going on in the United States. Goldberg talks about the issue that the United States is facing with lowered math and reading skills compared to other countries. Goldberg brings up that many people blame technology for the lowered math and reading skills. Not only does he disagree with this but he also brings up good points that help support his opinion. With every different point he brings up there is always a different type of rhetorical method that he uses.
One of the strongest rhetorical method that Goldberg uses is logos. Logos is a rhetorical method that uses logic and statistics to help support a point. Using logos is a huge advantage because there are statistics that can back up a point completely. Goldberg brings up many research studies that have been done to prove the lowered math and ...

... middle of paper ... stating what he believed in and not changing his mind throughout the post. He perfectly used logos by giving results of many studies done. The results of the studies were good in the way that it backed up many points he brought up. Goldberg was able to write his post in a formal type of writing. Goldberg has also talked about the debate of books versus technology. He also identifies that the true problem is that people don’t use technology for learning. Finally, the way his writing was structured helps audience understand the different points brought up. Goldberg did support his thoughts and facts by using different rhetorical methods.

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