How Communication Is Important For The Healthcare System Essay

How Communication Is Important For The Healthcare System Essay

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Peter Drucker once stated that, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” This statement can be considerably true in every type of communication. The three types of communication being focused on are intrapersonal, interpersonal, and group (small-group, organizational) communication, and how they differ from therapeutic communication along with what therapeutic communication entails (Taylor, 2015). Intrapersonal communication is reflection and conversation with one’s self, interpersonal communication is when two or more individuals get together to achieve a common goal, and group communication can be broken up into small-group (two or more nurses working together to achieve a goal) and organizational (when nurses in an organization come together to achieve nursing aims in a community) (Taylor, 2015). Although all of these types of communication are important for the healthcare system to function. It is this author’s belief that therapeutic communication is at the forefront when is come to a nurse performing their duties.
Therapeutic communication is a helping relationship that focuses on the emotional and physical needs of the patient that have the characteristics of being dynamic, purposeful, and time limited (Taylor, 2015). This specific communication is vital for patient centered care that is the main goal of this new generation of nurses and health care structure (Cherkin, 2012). This type of communication is not completely similar to the other types previously discussed. However, the difference in therapeutic is that it is aimed towards the patient and used build a rapport relationship rather than an intimate relationship with a patient. A rapport relationship in therapeutic communication is n...

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...dditional complications for the patient (Anthony, 2010). The patient developing this unnecessary ulcer was due to a fact of communication breakdown. Communication breakdowns can occur when a nurse dehumanizes a patient instead of recognizing them as truly important in the health care process, when a nurse fails to listen to a patient verbal or nonverbal willingness to talk or be heard, thus missing an actual communication opportunity that will assist in a quality rapport between the patient and the nurse, nontherapeutic communication such as clichés, using only yes or no questions, avoid questions that ask why, how, probe for information, or leading because they can be perceived as threatening (Taylor, 2015). Comments that give advice or seem to pass judgement should also be avoided since these can also trigger the patient to become defensive (Taylor, 2015).

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