Essay on How Children Can Improve Their Knowledge

Essay on How Children Can Improve Their Knowledge

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Parents and families are the first to teach their children. Children learn every day. That is one of the unique characteristics a child has. Also, we must know that each child learns differently. The parents and families are the first to observe this. As a parent, it is our responsibility to make sure that we teach our children the basics. Reading to our children helps enhance their knowledge. It also teaches them how to read. Also, it is important that we allow the children to work at a pace that makes them feel more comfortable. Teachers and parents see that students learn best when they are comfortable. When parents help their child at home it allows the child to master successfully. When the child masters successfully they do well academically. The more that parents and families are involved, the more the student achieves. Pat Burke Guild states, “learners bring their own individual approach, talents and interests to the learning situation.” When parents and families do not acknowledge the child’s talents and interests it allows the student to lack academically and socially.
Having a successful relationship between parent and teacher partnership is not always easy. At times teachers and families face problems. There have been current barriers toward family involvement in schools. This needs to be fixed. To fix this problem we need to understand the parents and family needs. There needs to be more reaching out. When parents and teachers work together, they make an excellent team. They make an excellent team when working together because they are supporting the same student. When reasoning with parents and families it builds successful partnerships. “Experience in other schools and communities, however, demonstrates that ...

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...d for at-risk children and families, vulnerability to stressors may be greater” (PennState Extension, 2016, p.2). As we help these children and family with their situations, we need to understand that they need additional services and the proper resources. It is also important that we provide programs for those who face these situations so that we can compile a list of resources that can help those in need including the families of our students. These resources can also be available for the students and families to use often. A lot of problems that are being faced by family and students are sensitive issues. The main thing we need to know is, “it’s difficult to think that the children and families in your programs are dealing with these situations, and even harder to discuss concerns and observations with children and families” (PennState Extension, 2016, p.5).

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