How Cell Phone Use has Become a Subculture Essay

How Cell Phone Use has Become a Subculture Essay

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What would you do if you didn’t have your cellphone? A majority of today’s people would not even know what to do. Cellular phones are a part of almost everybody’s life and a major part of society today, but it never used to be like that. In the beginning phones was a way to communicate with other people when they called if they happened to be home or if people wanted to get in touch with you then, they had to leave a message with your office or on your answering machine. Most people do not stop to consider that cell phones are considered to be subculture and have changed our lives in many positive and negative ways.
The use of the cell phone is considered as subculture when referring to the youth. This device is becoming a cultural artifact that is shaping today’s culture. Studies show that adolescents’ use of cell phones around the world is characterized by a heavy use of text messaging, gaming, and blogging (Ling, 2002; Pertierra, 2005). Thurlow (2003) states that adolescents are both the driving force behind and at the same time slaves of growing text massaging culture. Texting is the most preferred way of contact for nearly all communication activities of youths, therefore they can adopt to texting faster. Some gratifications granted by text messaging includes being able to avoid unwanted conversations, not to disturb the rules of good behavior, easier, quicker, and cost-effectiveness.
Firstly, today’s cell phones are more and more easily to use. They are capable of not only receive incoming and making phone calls, but taking, receiving and even sending pictures, sending data and information, checking e-mail, a calendar to plan for your schedule, a calculator, and a variety of types of clocks (alarm, stopwatch, and timer)....

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..., cell phones is what keeps teens tied with other teens through social networking. This creates a virtual fraternity providing lonely adolescent the gratifications of contact with friends. Cell phones among youth have been linked with peer pressure (Wong & Hiew, 2005). They might engage friendships with people who they otherwise not be allowed to do.
In summary, cell phones have positive and negative effect on our society today and is becoming a part of today’s subculture. They are more easily to use, can help save a life, and can keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, and other business partners. Then again, they carry germs, has dangerous microwave radiation, can cause neglect in families, and eye strain. They can also have teens engage in unapproved relationships. As Stanley Victor Paskaich says, “as long as you have a Cell Phone you're never alone.”

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