How Can Balance Athletic Expenses? Essay

How Can Balance Athletic Expenses? Essay

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The economic well-being within the NJCAA easily explains its successful ways to balance athletic expenses in a way that does not affect the impact of the experience of the student-athlete. Finances within an organization help understand the sources of incomes and expense information. The NJCAA is an organization that takes part in a unique way of distributing/generating revenue which includes sourcing of income strategies and cost saving strategies. Hosting championship events is a way that the NJCAA allows its member institutions to gain revenue and exposure. Although this can be seen as a challenging endeavor for athletic programs and college administrators, the impact of the expenses/incomes highlight the many ways the institution can create balance. Over 78 years of operating under mandatory 8 employees for the “NJCAA which is estimated to generate $1.7 million in annual revenues, and employs approximately 8 people at this single location” (National Junior College Athletic Corporation, 2016).
Sources of Income:
The NJCAA has many different ways to generate revenue, which includes sponsorship packages/ partnerships, membership income, and tournament income. In the 2015-2016 budget the NJCAA had an estimated $900,000 from membership income, a sponsorship income of $255,357.00, and a tournament income which was $308,500.00 (NJCAA Budget, 1). Each source of income has a certain description that underlines each sources duty within the process. However, the NJCAA has many other ways of gaining revenue from “marketing income - AOL & Google ($35,000), NJCAA review - income ($8,975.00)” (NJCAA Budget, 1). When considering program attendance the total number of people at the games dictates the revenue being brought in during the games...

... middle of paper ... the 2010-11 and 2011-12 academic years to reduce travel costs” (Horton, 3). Despite taking a look into realigning of conferences, this can be seen as a benefit when lessening the travel distance which serves as a tool for cost reduction. The travel expense for the NJCAA is separated solely off of the person being provided travel expenses. The travel expenses will include Travel - Assistant Media ($2,500.00), Travel - Assistant ED/Media ($ 5,000.00, Travel-Assistant ED/Compliance 7,500.00 0.00, and Travel - IT Director $1,500.00 0.00 (NJCAA Budget, 2). However, cutting travel costs helps save thousands of dollars annually. Lastly, cutting or adjusting the budgets of the coaches is not something that is recommended as a main option in involving revenues. Each of the cost saving strategies is essential in the way the NJCAA handles the increase/decrease the expenses.

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