Essay on Household Electronics Manufacturing Company From Switzerland

Essay on Household Electronics Manufacturing Company From Switzerland

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Household electronics manufacturing company from Switzerland decides to expand business in Mexico. The company has two equal production managers, namely Juan Ricardo de Santos, who is a local Mexican male and Regina Weiss who is a Swiss-German female. Mr. de Santos has a work experience of ten years in the company and Ms. Weiss is a recent MBA graduate with a strong background in Operations Management. Both managers are responsible for training of Mexican employees on how to use the Swiss technology apart from the regular duties. These two managers are unable to agree on how to manage the plant because both the managers have difference in opinion with respect to each other. Mr. de Santos feels Ms. Weiss is only concerned about meeting production schedule as well as too cold and unapproachable to workers. She is also more inclined in rewarding top workers with some bonus. Whereas Ms. Weiss feels Mr. de Santos is too friendly with workers than the quality of their work. He even wants to give decision-making authority to unit supervisors and seek input from workers. In addition to this, Mr. de Santos is against rewarding the top workers with bonuses.
The disagreement is because both the managers have a different way of working pattern. One emphasizes on being friendly and delegating decision-making authority to the workers, and other intends to be strict and follow some rules and regulations. Mr. de Santos on his part is right. He thinks such actions will lead workers to take their work more seriously as they have been given some part of ownership of the task. This technique of management invites innovation and motivation to work sincerely. Although being friends with workers have their own disadvantages like being partial towards ...

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... in the task. Also both managers should implement the bonus policy on monthly basis so as to motivate the worker on a long term basis. Both the managers should respect each other’s working habits and not be over-confident or try to suppress each other. If at certain point there is some disagreement in the views, both the managers should be mature enough to drain it out. Not talking to each other is a strong quality of unprofessionalism.
Senior management can solve this issue of disagreement by creating a situation for these two mangers where they will have to work together and shall have to come to a common decision respecting each other’s view or management technique. This will make sure that good techniques from both the managers will result in successful outcome and eventually earning good profits. Finally “Two heads can be better than one if operated in sync.”

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