The House of Tudor's Description Essay

The House of Tudor's Description Essay

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The House of Tudor was a group of well-known royalty, which later grew into something bigger. The House of Tudor lasted from 1485 to 1603, starting with Henry VII and ending with James I. Their established emblem was a rose and they considered themselves as the heirs to the throne. The way the emblem came about was very simple; it represented the joining of the Lancaster and Yorkist families. The Lancasters’ rose was white, the Yorkists’ rose was red, and the Tudor rose was red and white. The joining of the roses of the two families marked the end of the English civil war, the Wars of the Roses.
The beginning of the House of Tudor was Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Elizabeth of York’s first marriage was arranged to be with George Neville but his parents abandoned George’s cause. Edward IV, Elizabeth’s father, died in 1483, and her brother, Edward V, became king. When Edward V became king, their uncle; Richard (later known as Richard III), became regent and schemed for the throne. Richard claimed that Edward IV’s marriage was bigamous, which made all the children of Edward IV ineligible for succession. In the Tower of London where Edward V and his brother were imprisoned, they later disappeared, and everyone thought that it was because Richard murdered them. Once Elizabeth’s brothers were dead, there was no heir to the throne, which made Richard, King Richard III. Elizabeth’s mother, Elizabeth Woodville, was determined to have Richard removed, so she made an alliance with Lady Margaret Beaufort (mother of Henry VII.) The marriage was arranged in hopes to enlist the previous Yorkists to look after him. Henry VII ascended to the throne on August 22, 1485, at the age of 28 years old, and then crowned after he defeated Richard III a...

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...ended with James I of Scotland, who was not a major part of the dynasty. The importance of the Tudor family historically is that the entire dynasty proved that it is better to be feared than loved when ruling. The impact that that theory has put on history is major. When you read on the history of past rulers you think that the rulers are mean, but it’s just that, in order for certain things to happen, people have to fear that ruler to do the things that are supposed to be done.
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