Horror Movie : Horror And Horror Essay examples

Horror Movie : Horror And Horror Essay examples

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What is a horror film and why do so many viewers adore being terrified? Horror is a genre that has a goal to petrify their audience, making one feel nervous and realizing their fears. Several of us have a dark side whether we know it or not. Those who tend to fall in love with horror do for many intentions; however, countless fans refuse to watch scary films. Horror has several meanings; therefore, if you enjoy twisted situations you fall under the select group that lives to watch scary films. If not, you may dislike it due to your younger years, bad dreams, or even anxiety. Although horror leaves some audience members with nightmares, many viewers have a strange connection with scary movies for various reasons.
Furthermore, those who tend to love horror films are said to have a twisted mind, enjoying gore and death may leave one to believe there is something wrong with them. However, no one realizes why they like being startled. A fan of terror develops pleasure from being alarmed, revealing the impossible. Viewers are presented with situations that seem like a fantasy to others, but to them it seems realistic. There are different types of horror, movies that are based on true events, while others fall under the pretend category. Those who fear this genre may only be scared of the movies based on real life events, because who isn’t creeped out a little by true paranormal events. However, those scary movies that aren’t the best quality and are fake situations may leave viewers laughing. One may say they dislike horror, because it’s not real, but others believe in those situations.
Being a believer of horror movies makes it more intense. When watching a film, a fan might become that interested that they put their self in the kill...

... middle of paper ...

...sed up movies with nasty gore, leaving some nausea. They have a strange connection with unusual events, which make them feel pleasure from horror, which some people still may never understand why, because they feel the opposite. Deep down horror brings out the monster in a fan, bringing out their deep side, pretending to be killer in a scary movie. However, some viewers have nightmares from these real life events or even the pretend ghost movies. Some films may leave horror fans mad or upset because they aren’t scary enough. These films reveal the impossible, making their fans powerful, wanting to conquer any problem in the world. If you think about it the horror genre is a type of motivation to some, after watching a film you may become a believer of a problem you have in life. One may think you can’t master the issue, but a horror fan will overpower that situation.

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