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Honor and Ethics
In the Ramayana, honor is expressed and is shown through the many characters of the story. Indian culture has had a great appreciation for being honorable and knowing ones place in society. This can be define as ones dharma. Everyone has a role to play and from childhood, people are taught what is expected from them. From the beginning of the Ramayana, one can observe how family is essential and how loyal they are to one another. Rama and his brother Lakshmana are almost inseparable throughout the myth. It is not until they become separated when things start going extremely wrong. When Rama has to destroy the titan, Maricha, Lakshmana went to Vishwamitra with him. However, there as some characters in the story whose ethics are only focused on the benefits of themselves. When the king Dasaratha claimed Rama his favorite son to be his heir, Queen Kaikeyi’s servant Manthata said that the queen’s son Bharata should be the next king. Dasaratha owes the queen his life so she only sees it fitting to have her son as the next king. From a Kantian moral ethics point of view, Manthata does not have a good moral worth. She is make her decisions based on a negative motivation, which is desire. Her actions are not morally motivated. This could also symbolize how forces in life can put pressure on the way people make their decisions. The queen had no problem with Rama becoming king until her servant had something to say about it. Rama is a character that has known his dharma and what kind of person he is throughout the myth. It seems that nothing changes the way he makes his decisions. When he was basically exiled to the forest for fourteen years, he went without a fight. “ Rama was not a bit perturbed and replied that he was on...

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...les, Odin only threatened his life if he did not bring them back. Loki obeyed and nothing happened to him. There was no sort of punishment enforced on him. The gods were upset with Loki for doing these thing, but did not punish him until he started spilling the god’s secrets. Maybe if Odin gave Loki punishments to his prior actions, it might have not come to this. The Norse may believe that speaking one’s mind is something to be frowned upon. They also seem to like and fix their problems with violence, opposed to sitting down and talking through it. Odin never directly tells Loki that he needs to change his ways, but instead threatens his life numerous time so that he will obey. There also could be something going on with authority here. All in all, one can conclude that the Norse have an interesting perspective on what they believe is morally just in their society.

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