Essay about Honeybees as a Business Opportunity

Essay about Honeybees as a Business Opportunity

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“How in the world do annoying bees make money?” I’d like to show you how they relate, honeybees and business. I will cover a few key points that I hope will educate, through education there could be some new brave entrepreneurs created, and relax the public towards the honeybee. Honeybees are safe to own, can make good money, and stabilize the floral ecosystem.
Most people assume any insect is a buzzing stinging nuisance. I agree when it comes to mosquitoes, gnats, and especially wasps, but I am forgiving of honeybees because of how useful they are, and that they are more tolerant of humans than the other insects. Honeybees are not as predatory as the previous listed pests. Honeybees will allow a larger window of “invasion” before they alert scouts to investigate and attack. The more annoying pests have the most predatory behaviors. I found it rather comforting that honeybees are rather docile, when they get riled up they are protecting their territory by stinging perceived “invaders”.
I have fond memories of my youth when I see honeybees lumbering by, flying erratically here and there. In my earlier years, as early as 10 years old, I would help my Grandpa and Grandpa Bos with their apiary (where honeybees are housed often a shed is used) and perform apiculture (which is the care and keeping of bees). In my early 20’s I was considering expanding our apiary into a business that I could run, but the start up cost was more than I could afford at that time. Now that I am older that same start up cost is not as daunting, but I do not have the same amount of time to invest.
In the “normal” world, start up costs for a business can be rather detailed and confusing; you need loans, investors and liens. Beekeeping has a relatively ...

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...ies, essentially for free, and the process starts anew.
People are not typically willing to pay more for anything these days, my mother-in-law is no exception. One day my mother-in-law visited an apiary she has on her route (she is a postal worker) She bought a rather generous portion of honey in a Mason jar for $10. I was impressed with the amber color and how pure the quality was. Looking at the off brand honey in comparison it looked like water.
We can satisfy our global responsibility by buying local honey because it is “green”, not the color, but the lower carbon footprint in the production process. In addition, you are are stimulating the local economy as well as supporting your local community. So for that next glass of hot or cold tea or coffee, do not reach for the Splenda, grab some of your local beekeepers (and bee’s) hard work, sit back and enjoy!

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