The Homework Debate : Should Schools Be Done With Homework? Essays

The Homework Debate : Should Schools Be Done With Homework? Essays

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The Homework Debate

Should schools ban homework assignments? Does homework have a value in a student’s education? This is a debate teachers and administrators have been discussing all over the country. Both debate views were discussed in the article, Should Schools Be Done with Homework? By Edward Graham. Some educators and administrators feel that students should not be assigned homework, others feel that the homework should not be graded, and others feel that homework is necessary and should be graded.
Administrators from Fentress County School District in Tennessee, announced a ban on graded homework assignments for the school year 2013-2014. Their decision was made because a majority of their student body is on free and reduced lunches. Each school has anywhere from sixty-five to seventy-five percent of their students on the lunch program. The administrators perceived there was a lack of support from home. Therefore, they thought students should not be singled out for failure because of incomplete homework assignments. The school district adopted a new motto for assignments,...

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