Essay on Homeless Children And Youth : Causes And Consequences

Essay on Homeless Children And Youth : Causes And Consequences

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Aratani, Y. (September 2009). Homeless Children and Youth; Causes and Consequences. National Center
For Children in Poverty. Retrieved from
In the article “Homeless Children and Youth; Causes and Consequences” by Yumiko Aratani discusses the causes and consequences of homeless youths and children. The article discusses who are homeless. Both children living in homeless families and unaccompanied youths. The factor the at contribute to homelessness are lack of affordable housing economic insecurity, violence at home, behavioral health, lack of positive social support, and involvement of the children welfare system. He article then went on the talk about the impact many face. Such as food insecurity, health issues, trauma, lack of education, juvenile delinquency. It also talks about policies and practice that are put in place to help these individuals. The article also suggested policy actions such as to increase funding, provide education, food, and s much more.
This article would be of great use in my research paper. It provide a great deal of information about homeless youths. It has the causes and consequence many of them faces each and day. It also provided detail about different policies that were put in place to help these individuals. The article even suggested actions that should be take on the government part to help these individuals.

Jackson, K. (2011). Toolkit for Meeting the Educational Needs of Runaway and Homeless Youth.
Washington: National Network for Youth. Retrieved from
This article by Kayla Jackson discusses Runaway and homeless youth (RHY). The article talks about the importance of linking RHY ...

... middle of paper ...

...hey are homeless. The article discusses that many of these young people become homeless due to neglect, physical and sexual abuse. There are also many other reasons that caused these individual to become homeless. The articles about how many believe that the recession cause many young people to become homeless due to family economic issues. Furthermore, the article discusses that fact the youth homelessness is growing. But many programs facing the challenge of turning away many due to insufficient funding.
This article by Bernardine Watson discusses many of the key issues that would be useful to my research paper. It discusses what is youth homelessness and the causes of it. It also talks about the many potential danger these youths are facing. Furthermore the article discusses that funding issues that many agency face. This article will be of great use.

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