Persuasive Essay On Homeless Youth

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Rationale According to the McKinney Act, A person is considered homeless who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2006). There are facts and myths the troubles our displaced citizens, as a result of these beliefs the homeless youth population as has been stereotyped and/or ostracized based on their circumstances. We will explore these myths to alleviate the misbelief or misunderstanding of this exclusive population of communal and societal members. There is a misconception that the homeless youth are solely blamable for their own circumstance. The fact is many homeless individuals have survived as victims of violence, child abuse, natural disasters, deficiency in employment opportunities…show more content…
In 2013, Covenant House provided services to more than 56,000 of these kids. Covenant House residential and community service center programs cared for 27,889 homeless kids, and Covenant House Street Outreach teams served an additional 28,221 homeless and at-risk youth on the streets in the 21 cities where Covenant House operates. Homeless youth programs provide youth with a stable foundation from which they can reunify with their families or develop skills to live independently. They aim to help youth increase economic independence through educational attainment and employment/career advancement (Appropriations: Runaway and Homeless Youth ACT,…show more content…
Social workers during those time work as advocates just as we do today. Homeless in the 19th century were considered runaways, as a result of this trend the Runaway Act of 1974 was implemented by congress. Just three years later the runaway act of 1974 was revised to accommodate the consideration of the growing social problem that impacted homeless youth, which was renamed the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act of 1977. By the 20th century the number of homeless youth has grown out of proportion, to the point in which there are countless statistic that provides data on the population, however with various reports, one is left to make their own decision as to what report is most accurate and up to date. Discuss current trends, there are numerous tendencies which were reported and taken into account as to the justification of why there is a disproportioned amount of youth that have become displaced, to include the causes and attribute. The generalist social worker practitioner for the homeless youth population has developed into an area which has supported the youth building last therapeutic and meaningful
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