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Most people think that video surveillance is most often used for ATM machines, schools, banks and gas stations to catch thieves in the act or for taping spouses that are behaving badly; but they are used for much more than that. They were first used in police stations for monitoring, in train stations, and to survey traffic flow. Insurance companies find them helpful regarding fraudulent claims.
It is now very common for property owners to use surveillance cams to keep their rental homes secure and parents have used nanny cams for years to monitor their children, observe housekeepers or other domestic contractors. Today, there are many types of home video surveillance units to choose from for the homeowner. They are a reliable way to protect the home and family whether you are at home or away on business or vacation. It is a fact that when a video surveillance device is installed, you will feel safer about the security of the home, assets and pets. The peace of mind that they offer is invaluable and most insurance companies will give discounts to homeowners that protect thei...

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