Essay on Home Education: The Better Choice

Essay on Home Education: The Better Choice

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Where do you go to school? What clubs do you belong to? What sports do you play? These are all typical questions that teenagers ask one another in everyday casual conversations. Stereotypically, when the answer is simply that a child home-schools, often times they are looked at in a predetermined persona as if they are a weird, deprived, unsocialized individual who doesn’t know the first thing about life. The often received response of “Oh, you’re one of those people” is usually the norm. The following essay will expel several of the myths associated with today’s home-schooled students providing statics and support as to why home education is the better choice over public school education.
Ironically, in the beginning of the 1900’s, when our nation was evolving and becoming recognized as an actual world power, we were doing it with individuals who were educated primarily at home or in a one room school house. The children were also held accountable for their work, actions, successes, and failures. The children weren’t expected to spend countless hours roaming the crowded halls of an overpopulated school, all the while engrossing themselves with the “busy” work they were assigned; similar to the way public schools are operating today. Today, the system is broken. Changes in policy such as “no child left behind” are offering a cookie-cut-out solution to a situation involving children who don’t learn from a “cookie-cut-out” mold. Case and point to the failing public school system would be representative of the exponentially increasing numbers of children converting to home education. In 1960, home-schooling children numbered a mere 10,000 – 15,000 students which has grown to a number of over one million children in 200...

... middle of paper ... to homeschool their own child because they are unable to correct the failing public school system on their own. Homeschooling is increasingly becoming a way of addressing the concerns of the parents and allowing many more options for the students.

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