Essay on Hollywood: What is the Role of Women in Films

Essay on Hollywood: What is the Role of Women in Films

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American film has always had female role models present within them. They have not had the title of “hero”, but they have always been role models. Women have been depicted as strong willed and minded characters since the early 1970s. The women that will spoke about in this argument will prove that women have been “heroes” all along they have just never had that title till now. Women have been saving lives, men, and worlds for decades.
Women of film have never been considered heroes due to the meaning of a hero. The definition of a hero is: a person who is admired for great courage, special achievements or noble qualities. (Houghton, Mifflin. American Heritage Children’s Dictionary (2007,2003,1998).Due to the idea of a hero being a man the women of film were not depicted as anything but either seen and not heard, damsels in distress, sex symbols, or as crazy people. In an article, I read the author spoke about the depiction of a woman character she had said “Starfleet women have always seemed so boringly underdeveloped and under-utilized. Maio, Kathi. “Women in Science Fiction Films.” Fantasy & Science Fiction. Sep95, Vol. 89 Issue 3, p77. 7p. Women in past films have been really down played and/or made to look like they are only good for one thing whether it be sex, being psychotic, or needing a man to rescue them. I believe women have so much more to offer and finally they are starting to acknowledge that in film.
Women have had many hero roles. The women in films like Alien, Tomb raider, Resident Evil, and Enough all were heroes that either saved the world, themselves, and/or their team of people around them. In Kalamazoo Gazette (MI) (2012) the author spoke about many recent female roles that have attracted big audiences ...

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...ald (MA) - Monday, October 8, 2007.
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