Ho to Establish Relationship with Other Cultures Essay

Ho to Establish Relationship with Other Cultures Essay

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Relationship is a fundamental and powerful tool that helps to connect people together. People, who have healthy relationships in their lives, usually achieve great goals and live better than those who don’t. Therefore building relationships with other people is something that everyone should do in order to have a healthier and richer lives. Establishing relationships with people from the same backgrounds and cultures who live in the same community with you can be fairly simple. The reason for that is because people from the same community often use the same language and share similar traditions. However, building relationships with people from different cultures can be quite difficult and challenging. Nevertheless, relationships between people from different cultures and countries can be beneficial in many ways such as providing opportunities to learn new languages as well as to gain abundant amounts of valuable knowledge about different cultures; yet, some difficulties are language barrier and differences in lifestyles.
Firstly, having opportunities to learn new languages are one of many benefits from relationships between people from different countries. Most countries have their own language, so it is essential to learn another language in order to build relationships with people from other countries. For example, I only know how to speak Vietnamese before coming to United States. However knowing that I need to establish new relationships when I come to United States, I must learn English. Knowing English has benefited me greatly because I am able to communicate with other people at school. More importantly, I have more advantages and opportunities when applying for jobs by knowing more than one language.
Another example is f...

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...(128). In this example, it can be seen clearly that Old Ding and his family are having no problem washing themselves using the river water; however, Salzman declines to do so because he is worried about personal hygiene. Moreover, because Salzman refuses to wash up, his friends think that he is dirty and begins to question him about American lifestyles. From this, it can be concluded that people from different countries have different lifestyles than each other and that can be a difficulty when you are trying to establish relationships with other people.
In conclusion, relationships with people from other countries is definitely beneficial in such ways that they provide opportunity to learn new languages and gain new valuable knowledge about different cultures; nevertheless, some difficulties that everyone faces are language barrier and differences in lifestyles.

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