Hiv Prevention Plan Of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa Essay

Hiv Prevention Plan Of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa Essay

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Since the beginning of the 1980s, the Centere for Disease Control found common symptoms in people 's sickness (Mbatha, B., 2014). A virus was found in the victims which then was named HIV. This infection was transmitted through the exposure of bodily fluids with another infected individual. Then, as the CDC became more aware of the infectious disease and discover AIDs. Throught the whole world there have been numerous amount of infected people especially in Kwazulu- Natal. It is a city located in South Africa. The purpose of this paper is to create a HIV prevention plan in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.
According to the research done in Kwazulu-Natal, it has become a region were the infectious disease is very high (Mbatha, B., 2014). In 2011, there was approxitmately 5.6 milion people HIV positive in Kwazulu-Natal. The virus has placed the South Africa area as the highest and most vulnerable places for the infection. Why is Kwazulu-Natal in this situation? Well, the people who populate this region live in poverty and do not have the education needed to help prevent the disease. Even though there have been charity groups in the area to help, they 're still in need to prevent the spread. The community specially the youth need guidence and education about the disease. This plan would use the Theory of Planned Behavior to accomplished the awareness and action plan for the citizens of Kwazulu-Natal (Hanass-Hancock, 2014).
In 1999, John Hopkins health in South Africa began to provided the people with support and treatement ( Do, M., 2014). The heath care providers gave care and support to those infected. But, they found out that by promoting awareness through the mass media people began to understand what ...

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...ders it would not be expessive at all. We would guide the Kwazulu-Natal people to be their own source of help and health care. Our prevention plan would last 3 weeks becuase of the expesses, but the students and leaders would be given all the information and resources needed to fight the HIV. Even when there is no cure the intervation may help prevent thousands from getting it.
By providing a prevention plan of HIV to Kwazulu-Natal, the young adaults from the region would feel and safer from the virus. It may be difficult because the reaction of the people vary but it will work. Having their own people teach them how to take procation will have greater results. By introducing the media, more youth is going to be reach out and helped. Then, test and education would be adminester. At the end, the prevention plan would safe thousands of the children and young adult.

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