Hiv / Aids Education And Promotion Of Safe Sex Essay

Hiv / Aids Education And Promotion Of Safe Sex Essay

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HIV/AIDS was first diagnosed in China in 1985, and spread rapidly from 1989 among injecting drug users clustered in Yunnan province. Over the past two decades, HIV/AIDS prevalence has increased significantly due to several factors, including a higher population of migrant workers and the rise of the market economy (Jia et al., para. 8). HIV/AIDS prevalence is significantly higher in specific population groups in the country, including female sex workers, injection drug users, and men who have sex with men (Qian et al., p. 4; Yang et al., p. 270; Lau et al., p. 260). The spread of HIV/AIDS among these population groups is especially high since they possess little or no knowledge about safe sex practices. Other studies have also shown that even university students in China do not possess adequate information regarding HIV/AIDS (Maimaiti et al., p. 51). Eventually, HIV/AIDS education and promotion of safe sex is likely to be the most efficient policy in this situation.
Together with China, South Africa is facing an HIV/AIDS crisis with dramatic statistics. In 2013, 6.3 million people in South Africa were living with HIV. The adult HIV prevalence was 19.1% with 42% on antiretroviral therapy, and there were 200,000 AIDS-related deaths (AVERT). The government of South Africa has been engaging various HIV prevention programs that have proved their efficiency. Some of these initiatives include prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT), condom distribution, promoting openness and awareness, and HIV education. The government’s HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns have been successful and the same policies can be applied in the prevention of HIV/AIDS in China.
The main point here is that the Government should provide education and promoti...

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...ecide on their own whether to use condoms and whether they want to know something about HIV and AIDS. Meanwhile, they should not be deprived of the opportunity to protect themselves from the hazard when they need it. At the same time, HIV/AIDS intelligence should be available anywhere and anytime. The decrease of the South Africa epidemiology statistics has vividly indicated that HIV/AIDS would progress if neglected. By providing the policy for HIV/AIDS education and safe sex promotion the government is likely to introduce a safer paradigm of reality that can save and protect millions of lives. The people will be better armed with knowledge and wisdom when engaging in a sexual intercourse. A battle for human lives begins with the commitment to the greatest value – human life. Its quality and duration may depend on the common effort rather than on individual struggle.

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