Essay about Hiv, Aids And Viral Hepatitis

Essay about Hiv, Aids And Viral Hepatitis

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Sex workers are a marginalized population and for that reason, they don’t receive much attention from researchers and public health officials. The government of Brazil has had to implement measures to combat the spread of HIV among people who inject drugs. One of the leading ways of transmission is people who share needles when using drugs and the government has been giving out free needles ("HIV and AIDS in Brazil | AVERT", 2016). The condition could be exacerbated if someone is locked up in prison. The spread of HIV is also increased by sex work and the people who go to solicit for sex. Sex work has led to the rise of HIV especially since some people do not use condoms. There is a significant number of men who have sex with other men and this has been a key factor towards the spread of the disease ("AIDS in Brazil | Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis", 2016). 10.5% of men who have sex with other men are infected with HIV and this group is notorious for failure to use protection during sex.
At the end of 2015, there were an estimated 25,513 people living with HIV in Australia with at least 10% of them being unaware of their situation ("HIV statistics in Australia - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations", 2016). 1025 new infections were recorded in the same year. The highest rate of transmission, 68%, occurred among men who had sex with other men. The other mode of transmission was heterosexual sex coupled with people who inject drugs. Heterosexual sex has led to increase of HIV cases and one of the reasons for this is promiscuity among couples as well as soliciting sex from sex workers (Scaccabarrozzi, 2016).
Paragraph 1: Discrimination, Stigma and Social Justice in Brazil

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... away with the stigma and discrimination directed towards people with the disease and sex workers. Sex workers have rights that ought to be respected and making it legal or decriminalizing sex work is likely to give them recognition and allow them to enjoy their rights like other people. Governments must structure their laws to decriminalize sex work so as to reduce most of the stigma that comes with the occupation. Discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexuality has also led to an increase in the spread of HIV (Boesten & Poku, 2009). Women have, in most cases, found themselves at a disadvantage due to the traditional societal view of a man. laws should be structured such that women and men have a level playing field and access to information on HIV infection. In doing this, the prevalence of HIV amongst women and sexual minority groups is likely to go down.

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