Essay about History Shows Terrible Events of World War II

Essay about History Shows Terrible Events of World War II

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There are some events in history that people will never understand fully. Some of these events are hard to grapple with simply because there magnitude of brutality and bloodshed. Cases like these seem to be too far in the past, or too far away to be real. However, the event on the 1940 were not that long ago, and involved Canadians living today. By looking at World War II, the Jewish Holocaust, and the post war world, we will understand that terrible events can happen any time and to anyone.

By the Beginning of 1940 World War 2 was already well on it way. Hitler's military technique, know as the “Blitzkrieg”, was very successful and within a few months almost all of mainland Europe was in German hands. England, with their Prim Minister Sir. Winston Churchill, was Hitler’s only undefeated opponent. Assuming the England would soon surrender, Germany turned on there strongest ally, Russia and was ready to take over the world. However, the tided started turning and with the bombing of Peril Harbour the USA joined the war against German and Japan. With so many world powers against him Hitler could not stand long and soon the German armies were defeated. Then, in a last blow to force the war to an end, the USA dropped the most deadly weapon the world has ever seen and in the matter of seconds killed thousands of Japanese. It only took two atomic bombs to end World War Two, but the technology of splitting atoms for deadly weapons would shape the next 45 years. Clearly, World War Two, springing from the radical ideas of Hitler, drastically altered the coarse of history and showed the potential deviation that one man and his sinful ideas can create.
As the second cold war came to an end, the real truth about the Jewish Holocaust...

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...n happen any time and to anyone. We saw how Hitler brainwashed his people into believing that the killing of Jew was a benefit to there country, but have you ever though about how Canadians put the kids in school from the age of 3 and leave them there until about 17 or 18, giving the government a full 14 years to brain wash them. Looking at the start of the cold war it is clear that not all countries we alley with are to be trusted. And finally many people claim that they would never give in to people like Hitler, there claim that they would stand up if their Jewish niebghor were being persecuted. One must stop and think about suck things closely and not just jump to such conclusions. It is truly doubtful if very many Canadians would get out of their comfort zone and risk their life for other people. It is doubtful, but it is something we all should be ready to do.

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