History of the U.S. since 1865 Essay

History of the U.S. since 1865 Essay

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History of the U.S. since 1865

There have been many firearms throughout the history of the United States, but some have played a critical role in the shaping of our great nation. Some firearms have even given Americans the advantage they needed to win decisive battles throughout the history of the United States. This paper looks at four particular weapons that gave Americans the advantage they needed to stand victorious in history’s most engaging battles.
Colt Single Action Army
Until 1873, most firearms used in the United States were single shot firearms. These firearms needed to be reloaded after every time they were fired. In many instances these guns were sold in pairs. This was due to the fact that if you had two guns and two holsters, how many single shot handguns were carried, you would have two shots before having to reload both guns (Kyle 767). These guns however had reliability issues due to gunpowder being susceptible to moisture. Guns such as the flintlock style pistol or the cap-lock style pistol are what were primarily used before the introduction of the cartridge style pistol.
“The Gun that Won the West” is a motto given to the Colt Single Action Army due to its popularity throughout the history of the United States and its importance of America’s expansion into the West. The Colt Single Action Army was a gun known by many names, also known as the Model P, Colt .45, M1873, SAA, and my personal favorite, the Peacemaker. Just by the amount of nicknames the gun has you can tell it was a very popular and important gun. The gun had many important roles in United States history besides it only being a gun used in the expansion to the West (Kyle 761). This newer style firearm had a revolving cylinder that allow...

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...irearms played a large role in American history. In many cases, history may have went very differently if it wasn’t for the creation of these important weapons. The new technology within these firearms seemed to be introduced at just the right time to give the defenders of this great nation the advantage they needed to defend our liberties. If there was one saying that comes to mind when thinking about these weapons it seems to be “the faster the better”. I say this because throughout history it proved important that the faster you could reload or the faster you could charge your weapon the more time users had to focus on what was really important, battlefield tactics and the enemy. From black powder firearms to cartridge style firearms, guns have always played an important role in United States history, and they will continue to do so for hundreds of years to come.

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