The History of the Roman Republic: From Beginning to Decline Essay

The History of the Roman Republic: From Beginning to Decline Essay

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The early Roman Republic was one of the greatest civilizations of all time. The Roman government was so great, that it has been copied for centuries by other countries, including the United States. Rome was ruled by the Etruscans for hundreds of years. The Etruscans taught Rome to be civilized. They were taught the alphabet, “promoted trade, the development of metallurgy, and better agriculture in and around Rome.”(Butler) The Romans gained their independents from the Etruscans in 509 B.C, and created their own government, a republic.
One factor that made Rome so great was its geography; it is located in Italy which is a peninsula that is located in the middle of the Mediterranean. Rome lies on the Tiber River which aided trade. Rome has two mountain ranges the Alps and the Apennine, which helped protect the country. Once Rome declared their independents from the Etruscans they created their own constitution. This constitution created a series of checks and balances. They formed a government for the public that was divided into three branches, the magistrate, the senate and the assemblies. The magistrate’s were elected officials in ancient Rome who took over the power and ran the government from day to day. The magistrates had two limits, the first being the Principle of Collegiality, which was the idea that no 1 person was ever going to have complete control. The second limit was that a person could only have one year in console. The senates were most important. They were made up of influenced families and citizens in Rome. They passed no law but just offered their opinions to people, opinions everyone listened to. The only two things that involved the senate were money and war. Assemblies were composed of all Roman citizens. Th...

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...heir general, because they are paid by the general their loyalty therefore lies with them. The Triumvirate, who is made up of Pompey, Crassus and Julius Caesar begin to gain power. Together they gathered there clients at the assembly and dominated the politics. They each gain control over parts of the Roman Empire. Caesar gains control of the north. The senate and Pompey believe Caesar is gaining too much power. A civil War then breaks out and Caesar and his army defeat Pompey and the Senate and becomes Dictator for ten years. Julius Caesar is assonated by 22 senators. A second Civil War in Rome happens in 31 B.C and Julius Caesar’s nephew Caesar August become dictator for life. The old system of checks and balances no longer exists and the Roman Republic fails.

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