The History of Indian Music Essay

The History of Indian Music Essay

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Indian Music:
The history of the Indian music is based on the classical music as well as the art of the music of their traditions which related to the subcontinent of the Indian music. We can found the origin of the Indian music which is based on the Vedas this is the popular place of the Indian music from where the traditional music was started. The Indian music has the demand in the all over the world and they promote their music in the international level as well as used their traditions in it. The word of samaveda is derived from the word of the Rig-Veda as well as the main purpose is to sung the hymns and those hymns is snugs on the Indian dramas as well as in the bharat films and used their traditional music in front on their Gods as well as they promote their music from the earlier stage of the schooling (Carter, 2012).
Before the Twenty centuries ago, the Indian music was prevailed in all over the world as well as has the importance in their religious. At the beginning music is use as the art and the way to present the gift in front of their Gods and after then the music is become the part of entertainment in all over the world. According to our point of views music is become the activity for the entertainment and listen it in their happy as well as their sad modes but the Indian used the music for their religious purpose and give the respect to their music in their own religious. All class of music has the importance among the all classes of the Indian music. Indian were deeply impressed by the holy power of the music in this regard the classical music was born. Almost all the music art which is exist in the world have the three main purposes in which included the following points.
• Melody
• Rhythm
• Harmony

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