The History and Future of Denim Essay

The History and Future of Denim Essay

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As the world revolves, there are a lot of changes that happens in the world. For example, in terms of technology, there are a lot of improvements already. Back then, for example, features of mobile phones were only call and text. But more ideas have been developed and people have started to think about how to improve some things so that they can attract more consumers. The result is there are now more, in this case, high-tech phones with carious incredible features such as access to social media, hi-quality camera’s ability to upload to and download from the Internet, e-readers, and video calls for quicker and easier communication.
In the world of fashion, there is denim. It is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, and has been modified and remodelled to go with the latest fashion trends. The first ones who wore this fabric are workers in the California Gold Rush era, designed by Jacob Davis because of its sturdy material that withstood the harsh working conditions. Not just them, even sailors from Italy use this material too as their sailing uniform. Then, it started appearing as an actor’s apparel, and that’s when denim started to become one of a fashion item. People started wearing jeans as part of their daily apparel and even adding their own ideas, such as studs and colouring it with different shades of denim. It doesn’t only stop around that era, but today, they are seen everywhere and has become a major clothing piece for almost all of the age groups. As a reference, we can see young children already wears jeans as part of their clothing, the teenagers added jeans to their wardrobe, and even for the seniors, they consider jeans as a simple and comfortable clothing pieces.

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...ople from getting bored with it. Even though there are other eye-catching apparel, somehow people tend to choose denim because of its uniqueness and chameleon-like quality to blend in in any occasion, such as a casual meet-up with friends, or even to semi formal occasion such as a birthday party, you can just put on a nice top with some accessories to make it more blinglicious.
Jeans is not just apparel, but has become a must-have item. Today, a lot of denim-based products are not just apparel, but also other things such as handbags, carpet, and even a sofa. (elaborate more).
In conclusion, denim does have a very big impact on the world, especially in the fashion industry. Almost the entire garment store has a denim product on sale, and it keeps on varying. People keep on inventing new ideas to bring out fresh denim products so that the fabric is up to date.

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