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Historical Imperialism Essay

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Historical imperialism was a practice most commonly used by Europeans in the late 19th century, and it continues to affect societies upon which it was imposed to this day. These societies- usually consisting of indigenous peoples in Canada, Africa, Sudan, and many other places- were oppressed until some of their cultural beliefs and practices were forever lost, which affects them significantly today. In addition, treaties were issued that may have been short term solutions then, but were not long-term solutions in any way and thus now there are ongoing land claims issues that the government has refused to settle. While the government has done some to attempt to correct these past wrongs, a lot of it comes too late and doesn’t do much for the current state of these peoples who suffered from European imperialism. This does not, however, mean nothing should be done in an attempt to compensate.
Canadian indigenous peoples are an excellent example of the effects of lasting legacies of historical imperialism. When Europeans first arrived in Canada, they quickly colonized and pushed indigenous peoples who were already here out of the way with no concern for them at all. They were forced into residential schools in an attempt to fulfill the aggressive assimilation policy Canada adopted. While the motivation for this policy seemed good in the context of the time- Canada felt it was responsible to help educate the indigenous people, as it believed their best chance for success in the world was to learn English and forget traditional customs and beliefs, which it hoped to abolish within a few decades. The governments Canada has had in recent years have attempted to correct these past wrongs by offering money and apologies as compensation-...

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...s of civil war, displacement, and violent conflict, and despite all attempts by themselves and other countries to change the government composed of Northerners that was left in power by the colonizing powers that once ruled it, they have no option left except to become independent from Sudan. Historical imperialism has made the world what it is today- and while for some countries this has led to their being contemporary, powerful countries that lead the majority of the population, it has led to the downfall, turmoil, unrest, and impoverishment of other countries. For some countries, responding to legacies of historical imperialism is not necessary, as their standard of life has been great thanks to these legacies. But for others, responding in the correct way is a tricky issue, and the vast number of opinions on what should be done only help to complicate it further.

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