Historical Dominance And Cultural Criticism Essay example

Historical Dominance And Cultural Criticism Essay example

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Historical dominance has been part of the global history for centuries. One of the biggest

examples set are by the Whites to the Natives. The history between the natives and the whites is

marked with distrust and animosity. It is sad to know by how the history between them has been

presented. The word “Unfair” for what the whites did to the natives is way too insignificant to be

justified. The natives have been robbed of their lands, viewed as barbarians, forced to follow

laws made by the whites and have been treated with such inequality where no common man in

this 21 st century would be tolerant to it.

“Europe 's Indians, Indians in Europe: European Perceptions and Appropriations of Native

American Cultures from Pocahontas to the Present” written by Dagmar Wernitznig tells us with

a collection of illustrations and cultural narratives described what demonstrated the “Indianness”

among the natives. He comprehensively talks about how the perspectives of history, literature

and cultural criticism played a huge role in the representation of a native. It includes tales from

Pocahontas in Europe to the Native Americans touring Europe, showing Indians with Buffalo

Bill 's Wild West show in the late nineteenth-century. Dagmar significantly used different sources

to justify his vision of the portrayal of natives by the Europeans. The literary fabrications of the

Pathak 2

‘vanishing race’ by Karl Mary ans the reinvention of his self by Archibald Stansfeld Belaney as

Grey Owl made a clay image of the natives by the Europeans. Covering different aspects of the

presentation of the natives, the author tells what was the motive of the Europeans to portray the

natives how they wanted to surrounded by myths.

The Europeans tell ...

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would have had been long gone. The history itself would have set an example where people

would have collaboratively worked together rather than having animosity and war. Though every

individual has his own ideals and thoughts that he follows, I believe that one has the guts to

appreciate and accept what is right. I believe that as an international student I would had an

Indian as my classmate instead of reading ‘The Vanishing American’ if the history was rewritten

and portrayed in an amicable manner by the whites. The existence of the natives in the country

would never be a questions mark. The natives would have had the equal rights and opportunities

as citizens of this country from the very beginning. They would play an important part in the

economy of the country and they would have surely made a difference in the polls for this year’s

election votes.

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