Historic Preservation and Urban Development: Can They Coexist? Essay

Historic Preservation and Urban Development: Can They Coexist? Essay

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“It has been said that, at its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future” –William J. Murtagh
Walk down any street in small town USA and look around, there are empty buildings splatted between empty lots, trash and parking lots. A glance at one of the empty buildings and a sense of people bustling about carrying packages, dressed in early nineteenth century clothing plays out in the mind like on a movie screen. Why is it not being brought back to life? Turning a group of people are standing in front of it with blueprints open and smiles on their faces. A sigh escapes; there is hope for the neighborhood thanks to people with vision and planners who see potential behind the empty windows. In time this areas like this will go from an eye sore to a place where people live, work and enjoy an evening meal. Chen states, “The image of decay, indifference and crime was turned into a sense of roots and a feeling of community pride. (Chen, 2013, pg. 835) Using comprehensive planning and developing a balance between urban planning and historic preservation will add economic and environmental value to our communities.

Comprehensive urban planning needs to be sustainable, economic and consider the prevalence of historical buildings within the scope of the design plans. When community leaders and planners convene to discuss and review designs for refurbishing a neighborhood all aspects of potential new construction and how it will fit into existing buildings. Ghasemzadeh states “A good urban planner and/or designer will know the principles to adhere to and steps to take to maintain or improve the conditions of an urban area through effective planning and desi...

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