Building As An Essay: Constructing And Building

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Erick Rosales

Constructing and Building

Helping people create tools or projects that will be used frequently is a great act of kindness that can be done for anyone. Whether it be something with a practical use of something created solely for the purpose of entertainment, the ability to build is an invaluable tool. Building is one of the most useful things humans can do. Practically anything can be built with enough time and effort put into it.
Creating buildings is something that mankind has done for many years. Whether it be a small shelter big enough to fit one or two people, or a skyscraper made to fit thousands of people, all buildings have been made by mankind. Different buildings serve different purposes as well as functionality. Almost all buildings are unique in one way or another. Human beings building objects has been around for a while such as the stonehenge where the exact purpose of it still remains a mystery today. Other buildings have been constructed that are absolutely gorgeous to view such as the pyramids in Egypt where the construction of one pyramid spanned over the course of many years.
A shed or a small storage building is a great addition that can be made to a building such as someone’s home. Although many places such as Lowe’s or Home Depot off them pre-made, to suit the particular needs of an individual, it is best to build it specifically for your needs. The satisfaction of having built something with your knowledge and skills is lost when buying something ready made.
Another common things done to create new buildings is to remodel the older one. By remodeling an old home or any other kind of housing, new life as well as new uses arise from the new building. Remodeling can be don...

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...e years. Damage can be prevented by careful planning and setting aside time to do basic cleanup to avoid costly repairs later. Building can be a vital skill that can be learned with time and experience; however, it is up to the builder to learn. Works Cited
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