Hispanic Women 's Inequality Of Women And Hispanic Culture Essay examples

Hispanic Women 's Inequality Of Women And Hispanic Culture Essay examples

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My object of study is Hispanic women experience inequality in education due to the social constructs of subordination of women and Hispanic culture. Historically women have been conditioned with a patriarchal system, which a woman’s domain should be at home, to be a homemaker. The ideology of inferiority can and will justify the deprivation of natural born rights. During the progressive area and women’s rights movement women wanted to be seen as people, they wanted to have rights to own property, negotiate wages, legal documents, access to birth control, and the right to vote, those women who had the voice to deal with these issues were white upper and middle class women. During this time Hispanic women, amongst other minorities, were fighting battles against racism, segregation, exploitation in the work force, access to a good education, and oppression through Hispanic culture. It is not just a struggle to be Hispanic overcoming the inequalities within the education system but to be a Hispanic women within the education system has greater disadvantages. This case study will investigate what forces contribute to the inequality within the education system for Hispanic women in the United States.

The topic of Hispanic women experiencing inequality in education due to the social constructs of subordination and Hispanic culture is of interest to me because I am Hispanic and have fallen victim to the social constructs of subordination of women, within the Hispanic culture and educations system. Living in Chandler, Arizona during my adolescent years allowed me to experience two forms of education, public and private schooling. In Arizona, Charter schools are as common as public schools in California. Charter schools similar to Private...

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...will have no choice but to invest in Hispanics because they will be the majority and will big a big part of the work force. This will affect the communities socially as they will become more diverse, possibly evening out the plane field with class and gender for Hispanics and eventually all minorities. In conclusion my object of study that Hispanic women experience inequality in education due to the social constructs of subordination of women and Hispanic culture, has several factors that support my argument.

Latina women are suppressed through Hispanic culture with the ideology that a woman’s domain is within the walls of her own home. However, there has been a greater turnover rates in high school graduates amongst Latinas they are still falling behind due to lack of resources and the restricted patterns of opportunity perpetuated through transformative assets.

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