Mexican Women And Mexican American Women

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During The Great Depression and World War II, large numbers of Mexican women and men joined the workforce, unions, and other organizations (Page 212). The workplace allowed Mexican women to socialize with one another and they finally for the first time experience what it is like to be independent without relying on any man. “By 1930, some 25 percent of Mexican (and Mexican American) women were in some kind of industrial employment” (Acuna 215). However, Mexican Americans were paid less than a white American, especially Mexican women. In order to for Mexican and Mexican Americans to fight for their rights to be paid and be treated like a white American, Mexican women formed labor unions that would you united them and protest against the owners…show more content…
Mexican Women began to work the jobs men did, such as jobs that required maintenance, miners, and defense plants. This era proved to be especially significant for Mexican American women, whose new wage-earning status created a sense of self-sufficiency and intensified issues of self-identity” (Quinones 245) These Mexican women were the “Susanas del SP” which was the Mexican version of “Rosie the Riveter.” After World War II, when women were forced to return their job to the men, their ideals of family and marriage change. They longer believe they needed a men to support them because they could be independent and support…show more content…
No one knows what really went on that day since the police only accounted the group of sailor’s side of the story and barely try to get the Mexican’s side of the story. Later that day, sailors went on a rampage, they broke into the Carmen Theater, tore zoo suits of customers, beat up the youth, and when the police arrived they arrested the victims. The group of sailors, return the next evening with 200 allies where they terrorized and gang up neighborhood youths. The “police and the sheriff said they could not find the sailors. Finally, they arrested nine sailors but released them without filing charges” (Acuna

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