Hip Hop : The Golden Age Of Music Essay

Hip Hop : The Golden Age Of Music Essay

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Music in the 90s can be known as the golden age of music and has set a high bar for diversity and was a period when some of the world’s greatest artists got their claim to fame. Because songs then were so great and unique, many of the songs you hear on the radio today are covered or influenced by a song that came out in that period. Hip Hop, also known as rap or urban music, is a genre of music that started in the “nineteen seventies and became increasingly popular in the 1990s.”(Tate) The 1990s was the perfect time for music. It was a period where a lot of harsh things were happening in the media so hip hop artists wrote about how they felt, which is how they were able to reach a wide spread of audiences. Urban music simply told a story that their audience could connect to. What made hip hop so successful was the fact that it brought upbeat music that many people were not acquainted with. Urban music has changed drastically since the 1990s and not for the better. Many of the music you hear today contain lyrics that “have no real depth to them” (A, Gianna) and often contain quotes that hardly make sense. This essay will discuss why music in the 1990s produced some of the greatest music.
Technology is a major key to why hip-hop music is better to back then. Although artists made records on the computer, just as they do today, it was their raw talent on what got them famous. The singers had to actually know how to sing, rappers had to know how to freestyle and DJs had to actually know how to create an actual mix tape. Because there were no such thing as a free album, people really cared about the quality they were getting. If someone wanted to get their money’s worth in an artist, they were going to spend it on one that made great ...

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...t made it personal to their audience. The people received reassurance that they were not alone and the music was a great way to express themselves because no one likes to go to jail. The 90s simply cannot compare to anything because the artist were pressured for their music then had real meaning or no one would buy it or go see them in concert. People preferred quality which is something that is being taken for granted in today’s world. Because technology has changed in drastic ways, many people are not putting out great music, but get sponsored because they can be shared all over the internet. People can also create their own mix tapes now. Hip hop in the 90s will always be seen as an era were music was the voice. If someone got in trouble with the law, they would sing about it. It gave urban music a new meaning and many people believed that anything was possible.

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