Essay about Hills Nutrition Advocate : Analysis

Essay about Hills Nutrition Advocate : Analysis

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Hills Nutrition Advocate

I’ve had a great experience expanding my knowledge through the different Hills Nutrition Advocate modules. I mastered how crucial some nutrients are for the body, how to feed your pet the proper way, the difference between lifestyle/life stage, nutritional assessment, importance of reading pet food labels, different commercial pet foods, and the veterinary health care team.
Although nutrients are not only for humans, but also for animals; these essential nutrients are needed for your pet to maintain good health and proper body functions; proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. The fact that an animal receives too much nutrients or too little can cause serious illnesses, or death. Keeping dogs/cats healthy is not easy; you have to keep tract of dental, obesity, health issues, etc. Best way to keep your pet well balanced is to feed them the right type of food requirements for their specific age, activity level and health conditions. For kittens to grow, they should be fed an AAFCO-contained food. Life stage nutrition is for pet who are feeding above or below the nutrient needs depending on what stage of life they are in, so feeding life stage will help balance out the right nutrient levels needed for the body to function properly. Lifestyle nutrition diet is fed on what type of lifestyle, breed, disease, health concern, etc. Nutritional assessment is detailed evaluation regarding your pet’s nutrient absorption, lifestyle and medical history. How they asses the animals is though body condition scale from 1-5: 1 being skinny and 5 bring obese. A 5/5 is obese consisting 35%+ body fat, 4/5 being overweight: having 26-35% body fat, 3/5 is ideal retaining 15-25% body fat.
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...and active income. Passive income is dental cleanings, nail trims, anal expressions, suture removals and lab work .The active income is pet examination, client consultation, performing surgery and diagnosing.
The key elements to a goal planner is a start and end date that is directed for no more than 4-12 weeks. S.M.A.R.T is referred to the objective of the T.A.L.K process that might help with making the team focus more in making a goal planner. S.M.A.R.T stands for specific; measurable; action-oriented; realistic and time-bound. Pertaining to the goal planner there are some not smart objectives- do more dentals, make clients a list of questions, for the next 11-12 months more nutrition products should be sold. Making a difference is a good choice. I learned a lot from the hills vet nutrition modules. It helps you become a better advocate to the pet’s best interest.

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