The Hill Case Study : Hill 's Performance Incentive Model For Improved Quality For Health Maintenance

The Hill Case Study : Hill 's Performance Incentive Model For Improved Quality For Health Maintenance

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Hill Case Study
The twenty-first century has become a very market-driven place and health care is at its highest in demand for adjustment. In exertion to assist with this modification, the case study by Hill Physicians demonstrates an effective innovation pay-for- performance-incentive model for improved quality in health maintenance. In this subject field, Hill Physicians proves that engaging health information technology, innovative care management methods, predictive modelling, and financial incentives will provide higher quality and more efficient care. In this article, however, I will concentrate on two specific ethical issues connected to financial compensation and fairness in health maintenance. To achieve this aim, I will first discuss relevant background information and ethical tenets that frame the subjects. I will then talk about the quality issues and advise skilled and employers strategies to cope with the events.
Can Hill Physicians Replicate this Innovation in the Twenty-First Century…?
The federal regime has begun to define near-mandatory initiative such as the electronic health record (EHR) to support hospital implementation over the next several years (Haughom, Kriz, & McMillan, 2011). The benefits for using an EHR, or that, healthcare providers have access to vital patient information from multiple providers, literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing for better coordinated care. The challenges- implementation costs, causing computers to speak to each other and debate about who “owns” the data in the EHR continue to challenge its required implementation (Haughom, Kriz, & McMillan, 2011).
Granting to the Hill study another disadvantage of the EHR is that it doesn’t evaluate quality of maintenance. Such as ...

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...oduce financial incentives to motivate the health care workers to reach their ends. This will serve in maintaining of their employees not to vacate to private parastatals. They will be feeling comfortable working in the environment and will be competitive in the area. This will get the federal parastatal to deliver quality work in the health care marketplace.
The other lesson learnt is that engineering should be adopted by the federal government to alter their plans. Embracing of technology will make work output to be prompt and of high calibre. It will assist in expanding comprehensive health care reforms by using of accurate methods for diagnosing of different disease. Technology reduces time wastage in keeping of data and retrieving of data (Hassmiller & Reinhard, 2015). This time can be converted into other actions for attaining the aim of the healthcare system.

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