The Highest Rate Of Mia / Pow Casualties Essay

The Highest Rate Of Mia / Pow Casualties Essay

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The highest rate of MIA/POW casualties the American nation has ever seen during war occurred from 1955 to 1975, better known as the Vietnam War. This twenty- five year war may not have produced the most casualties, but it did unfortunately gain its recognition in the vast amount of soldiers lost in Vietnam for several years, some of which occurred even after the peace treaty was signed. “The term missing in action (MIA) is normally applied to approximately two thousand, five hundred missing Americans, the exact number and fate of whom has long been a source of political disputes.”(Tucker)
Many American citizens, when the Vietnam War ended, assumed that all of their soldiers would be sent home, sadly this was not the case. Many of the American soldiers were MIA, and would never would a body be recovered to bring to the family for closure. Vast, unimaginable numbers of solders were held as prisoners of war (POWs), some of whom the citizens and the government would never see again. In 1990, the Senate committee voted that there needed to be a group created to ensure that any laws set in place by the United States Government be regulated. The name of this group is the Interagency Group of POW/MIA Affairs, IAG. “The scope of IAG discussion covers a broad spectrum of POW/MIA related matters including intelligence collection, communications with families, diplomatic initiatives and public awareness activities.” (Senate) The Vietnam POWs and MIAs are the two groups that have been the chief focus of the IAGs labor in the most recent years.
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There has been a vast amount of squabble on the classification of Vietnam veterans between the American people and their government officials. According to the ARVN, the Army of the Repu...

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...families could never come to terms with what the fate of their brave soldiers and loved ones was, when even their government officials could not provide them with a straight answer. They wanted desperately to see the confirmation that all their POWs had been returned to safety in American and that information had been acquired on the fates of all the men missing during battle. What has become the anthem, so to speak, of the MIA and POWs movers, was spoken by Colonial Gritz, and officer in the Vietnam War, at a U.S. Senate meeting still rings true today, whether our men died in captivity or were returned to us, “I pray for those who may remain in captivity that their hope might forever burn bright knowing that they will never be forgotten as long as Old Glory flies and even one American lives- that we will ever be in search of them until we all come home.” (Masters)

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