Annotated Bibliography: Gun Control: Annotated Bibliography

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Gun Control: Annotated Bibliography
Ashbey Jones. "Permits Soar to Allow More Concealed Guns." WSJ. Web. 30 Mar. 2016.
Many Americans are now applying for a license to carry licensed concealed arms with them. The rate at which licenses are being approved is worrying. This development is concerning law enforcement authorities. Putting so many firearms at the disposal of the public is counterproductive to the gains that are being made on improving security and especially in the cities where incidences of gun crime and violence are on the rise.
The author has made an insightful contribution to the grey areas of gun licensing that is part of a wider encompassing debate on gun control and violence. It is a well-researched piece that presents
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"The Gun Control Debate: Why Experience and Culture Matters." International Journal of Public Administration (2015): 1-15. Web.
Blanco and Vicencio are revisiting the gun control debate and they give a more detailed analysis of the subject. A comparison between diverse perspectives and viewpoints that is held by the pro-gun society and empiricist is laid down. The authors then try to suggest ways in which these differences and disparities can be resolved. The author offers a pragmatic approach to the policy making process that emphasizes on culture.
This is a credible and authoritative source that tries for the first time to handle different views between groups of culturists and empiricist. I think it’s a bold step into the whole debate issue of guns. I like the way the authors are able to break down the apparent differences between conflicting groups and even offer an amicable solution to solving the
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Safranski, and Muen Bae. "The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws:." American Journal of Economics and Sociology 56.1 (2010): 41-50. Web.
In "The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws:." the authors perform a surgical operation on the various views and issues as presented by the industry concerning gun regulation. The publication outlines the laws that have been enacted by congress concerning the regulation of firearms and shows their pros and cons. The authors suggest that there needs to be a more concerted effort by the executive as well as the judiciary so be able to enforce laws concerning firearm issuing and licensing.
The scholarly authority of the authors make this journal an interesting read on this topic. The authors are able to present the issues with an ease and understanding that every undergraduate student or layman will easily grasp. Considering that this is a legal topic with many laws reviews to the authors did a good job. By bringing in the legal framework of more than 2000 laws and enactments that have been established by the state and federal governments of the US, the authors make it

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