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Picture this. A few short years from now, you’re signing yearbooks, trying on caps and gowns, and saying goodbye as you and your friends go your separate ways. Before you know it, you’re walking across that stage and receiving your diploma. As you look back and reflect on your life and last days at Alpena High School, did you really make it worthwhile? For anyone traveling through the twists and turns of high school, it can be a very challenging frenzy to attempt to fit in and interact with other students. People can get caught up in the pressures of trying to succeed expectations set by parents and also everyday drama from fellow peers. Our message to anyone on the great venture that is high school is that they should enjoy it while it lasts, and fulfill their true testament to their life before entering the real world. We have acquired many ways that people like us, high school students, can make the best of their high school career. Four facets of high school success and fulfillment include volunteering, sports, education, and school spirit. With these different steps you are sure to make your experience at Alpena High and anywhere else a success!
Nothing is more self-gratifying than putting a smile on someone’s face. Some people out there in high school communities are looking for direction when it comes to things to engage in. One of the most important manners that a kid can get involved in their area is by volunteering. Volunteering and giving back time to those in need can greatly benefit any high school student. These days, many colleges and employers put a huge emphasis into looking at volunteering of applicants on resumes (US News and World, Lines 33-34). Teens who volunteer get a chance to explore their inter...

... middle of paper ... more important to school success than the influence of school spirit and pride. While cheering your heart out at school functions, you learn things like unity and sportsmanship all while boosting the entire atmosphere of the school around you. Another fantastic way to make the most of your short high school days is to play sports here at AHS. The thrill of in-game action and the bonds you make with teammates and coaches are unmatched. A final step to having a terrific high school career at Alpena High is to put effort into school work that will benefit both yourself and your school as a whole. Looking at it now, our days walking the halls of AHS are numbered. Make them memorable. Would you rather make a name for yourself or blend in with the crowd? You decide what your future holds. When you look back at your time spent at Alpena High, will you be proud of it?

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