High School Is Not Too Late : Developing Girls Essay

High School Is Not Too Late : Developing Girls Essay

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In the article, “High School Is Not Too Late: Developing Girls’ Interest and Engagement in Engineering Careers, Dr. Jill Bystydzienski , Dr. Margaret Eisenhart, and Dr. Monica Bruning seeks to address how the interests of high school women can be developed after primary school and the cause of the disinterest in STEM careers. The article was published by The Career Development Quarterly in 2015 and written by a team of professors who had a keen interest in women’s studies in STEM subjects and youth development in STEM learning. Dr. Bystydzienski is a professor at Ohio State University and is a co-principal investigator on two National Sciences Foundation Grants that focuses on women in science and engineering. She received her doctorate from the State University of New York in Educational Foundations and Sociology. Dr. Eisenhart is a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and she serves as a Director of Graduate Studies for the School of Education. She received her doctorate from the University of North Carolina in Anthropology. Dr. Bruning is a managing director of the Jandis Center at the University of Minnesota. She received her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Iowa State University. The authors developed a 3 year program to help spark and maintain the interests of young high school Hispanic and African American women from low income areas. In this paper, I summarize the article and offer suggestions about selected aspects identify key factors and suggest areas of improvement that would effectively impact the research.
The 3 year study consisted of a diverse group of high achieving female high school sophomores from Colorado, Iowa, and Ohio. The participants were selected by guidance counse...

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...ticle was well-written with an important message for school administrators and teachers. It’s relevant and convincing in theory and outlines a tangible way of approaching the complex problem.
In conclusion, the article was an eye opener on identifying the true reasons as to why young women interest in STEM career post graduation dwindles. The study proved that 57% of the participants engaged it engineering that didn’t even consider the career before. (Bystydzienski, Eisehnhart, Bruning, 2015) By identity the importance of career counselors, advisors, and mentors leadership in young high school women’s’ live, better strategies and workshops can be created in the future to increase the presence of women in STEM careers. Overall, the more gratifying the experience is in exploring STEM for the students the more likely the students will continue to pursue it.

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