Essay on High School Current Student Council

Essay on High School Current Student Council

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For this assignment I deiced to analyze my high schools current student council. This group consisted of eight members elected by other students within the school, and most of these members were either juniors or seniors. My decision to analyze this group derived from my curiosity to find out how a group of teenage students model the concepts we learned throughout this semester. This group consisted of eight members elected by other students within the school and most of these members were either juniors or seniors. The concepts that I decided to discuss throughout this paper include: group roles, group cohesion, social tensions, groupthink and structuration.
The first concept that I applied to the student council during this meeting is one that elaborates upon group roles. Group roles can be defined as the different positions within the group. These different positions that carry out different task add to the success of the group. Using the student council group meeting that I sat in on, these positions can include leaders and organizers. As the meeting began I was introduced to the members with the more difficult tasks, such as the president of the council, the vice president of the council and the treasurer of the council. The role of the president was to conduct the meetings, as well as communicate with the principle what the students desired. In the meeting the student with this position did most of the talking, as well as calling on others to speak. The role of the vice president was to organize the agenda for the meeting, as well as write down the suggestions of the rest of the council. Though most of the organizing was done prior to the meeting I still had the opportunity to see the vice president frantically write down t...

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... up a system where one member at a time would have the floor. They did so by passing around a small ball, when the ball one in a member’s possession that was their time to speak.
In brief, I came to the conclusion that the student council meeting that I had the opportunity to sit in on displayed multiple concepts we learned in class. The first concept being the idea of group roles, where there was a president, vice president and treasurer. The concept being group cohesion, which was very high due to the environment and use of humor. The third concept being group tension, which was displayed with the disagreement on a theme for a school dance. The fourth concept being groupthink, where they did not explore every avenue for a fund raiser. The final concept being structuration, which was highlighted by the fluidity of the meeting due to the system they had for speaking.

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