High School Reflection

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High school is the most challenging part of life, to a high schooler. Trying to find your social group is crucial and maintaining those friendships shapes your high school experience. Grades are not taken as seriously as they should be for most people, but are still maintained to please your parents. Missing class, skipping class, or being late in general is customary, and most of your time is managed by the ‘adults’ in your life. You’re in a confusing space, battling between your own free will and the restrictions that are inflicted on you by law, whether it be your parents’, your schools, or even state laws, which regulate what time you 're allowed to be out, what you can wear, who you can date (that 's if you 're allowed to date at all),…show more content…
In high school you hear stories of how college kids only have up to about four classes a day and think, “what’s the big fuss? I have 7 classes EVERYDAY.” The concept of college classes isn 't fully understood, or at least it wasn’t to me at the time. I believed that the workload wouldn’t much differ from that of high school, however, it only took a matter of two weeks to realize that I had been sorely mistaken. Essays, labs, lab reports, two hour lectures, three hour labs, then more lectures, not to mention work study. You’re loaded with twice the information, twice the work, and half the time. Needless to say, quick adaptation is a must. In high school a lot of people can coast through without ever having to study, as a result, you do not pick up good study habits which are essential in college. With all the new information that you have to learn, memorize, and fully understand before the next class, studying is as necessary as the class itself. In college you study so much you start to feel like you 're self teaching, the teacher introduces you to the material and it’s your job to retain and comprehend it. There isn’t much time to dwell on a concept if one student out of fifty doesn’t understand it, so you are bound to get brushed off, or asked to meet the professor after class if you are having trouble understanding. Again I say, high school workload is…show more content…
Everyone tends to wear the same things because they shop in the same areas, they use the same slang, they listen to the same music, and everything can become monotonous. College is a completely different ball game.There are people from all over the world, from different upbringings, with styles you’ve never seen, words you’ve never heard said with accents that cause your ears to perk up, and artist you would have never thought twice to listen to. Its as if everyone came on a flying saucer from their own specific planets. Learning all the different cultures around you from the people you come into contact with excites you. This is where you form new bonds, and new friendships. You’re shell of comfortability is broken and outside of it is where you shed your skin of conformity. It dawns on you that everyone is different in more ways than you can
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