The Importance Of Personal Reflection

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According to Jasper (2013) reflective learning is “the process of internally examining and exploring an issue of concern, triggered by an experience, which creates and clarifies meaning in terms of self, and which results in a changed conceptual perspective”. Reflective practice can be summarised as having three components; Things or experiences that happen to the individual; reflective processes that enable the person to learn and grow and action looking at the situation from a new perspective. Through self-enquiry, the individual learns to participate more fully with their environment and society overall (Moon, 2006). The application of the reflective process, is more than just a tool or device, is about implementing an ontological
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This paper segment my reflective journey, in in such a way as to display my personal perspectives and role in the team dynamic, providing a reflective means by which I can understand my current strength and weakness and exploit these as an opportunity to strengthen my future involvement in-group individual interactions. Initially establishing the ways of working for the team and reflect on my achievement, individually and as a member of the group.

Reflecting on my experience within this team, will assist me in achieving a greater understand of my personal beliefs, expectations and biases towards the experience and learn and adapt any future involvement. This reflective practice, will provide me with great assist when conducting additional academic studies, aiding in achieve with greater result success, facilitating self-awareness of the assumptions that I might make automatically or uncritically as a result of my view of the
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The comprehension of learning is more than the simulation of information in to knowledge, but is a combination of our minds, senses, emotions and behaviour (Winstanley, 2013). Throughout this experience, I have gained valuable insight into the internal learning I still need to conduct. Despite the level of previous experience previously gained, I still need to learn patience when dealing with people from multiple cultural backgrounds, with a variant degree of personal and professional experience. Throughout this module, I lead the coordination amongst the team members and overall completion of the module, whilst I have extensive knowledge and experience in this role, I was afforded multiple opportunities to improve and polish my communication and time management skills. In conclusion to this section, I have learnt that everyone can do their own part to work towards a common goal and that there does not need to be just one distinct leader (Chance, 2014). The knowledge from the lectures provide me the theoretical and practical knowledge I required, to advance my level of internal learning, around Logistical and Operational Management (Rolfe et al.
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