The High Cost Of College Tuition Essay

The High Cost Of College Tuition Essay

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The college board in 2015 stated that the average cost of a four year, out of state, public college is about $22,000 (What’s the Price). The high cost is used mostly for the cost of classes and the payment of teachers. This cost does not include housing, food, or supplies; students must pay a different fee for those. For many Americans, the tuition of college is far too expensive and their children’s aspirations of college are quickly forgotten. However, the families and students who run at the sight of college tuition and the thought of college debt will be losing in the long run. When students fail to seek a higher education, the lack of further education will negatively affect them in their ability to grow as an employee and as a citizen in society. Although college tuition may seem daunting to students, ultimately, the money is going to benefit the students in the future by learning life skills, increasing wages, and allowing for better jobs; therefore, parents and students need to overlook the cost of college and focus more on how college will positively affect the students later in life.
To begin, college helps students learn life skills due to the new environment where they must take care of themselves and insure their safety. Pew Social & Demographic Trends held a survey on college graduates and found that almost 70% of college graduates believed that going to school helped them grow and mature as a person. Because students are not being assisted as much as they were in high school, they are forced to mature and care for themselves. However, due to the recent massacres at colleges, such as Virginia Tech and and Northern Illinois University, Melissa Wood, a counselor for students at a Virginia Community college believes t...

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...s must remember that a college degree helps graduates learn life skills, earn increased wages, and receive superior jobs. While we live in a world where the cost of higher education could be as high as a new Mercedes-Benz, students cannot ignore the fact that those who pursue a college education are often better off in the future. Despite the opposing argument, college is helpful to those in need of jobs, college is helpful to those who need life skills, and college is helpful to those in need of higher wages. Not only does the cost of tuition assist the college to increase safety and extra resources, but the students often meet new people and create new opinions on relevant topics. Even though the cost of college is roughly twenty-four thousand dollars a year, students who matriculate in college will have brighter futures within the job market and their daily lives.

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