The Hero of The Century

The Hero of The Century

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This world has more than seven billions people, but not everyone is a hero. In the earlier life, there was a native american man named Natty Bumppo and he was considered as an American hero. A hero is not something easy to make a person to be, Natty Bumppo had done a lot of things and helped others, as a result people made him a hero. Every person has different traits or characteristics that make them who they are, and the characteristics of Natty Bumppo also one of the thing made him an American hero. Strong and humanity are some of the characteristics of Natty Bumppo that made him a hero and those still exist for the hero’s traits today.
Being strong is one of the importance to expect in any hero’s characteristic, because if a person is strong then they can stand up for somebody else and help the weak person overcome something that they are struggling with. In the story “Last of the Mohicans”, Natty Bumppo had shown one of the characteristic which is strong and stand up for somebody else. Natty helped one militia man to escape the fort so the man can go back home and protect his family from danger. Even though Natty knew helping the man escape was against the British Colonel’s wishes, he still successful got the man out of the fort and danger through many difficulties. He was not regret for helping the man escape but he feel good about it. As a result of what Natty had done, the British Colonel arrested him and desired to hang Natty to death but Natty still strong and face the punishments from the Colonel.
In a heroic characteristics, there could not be lack of humanity, because if lacking of humanity, then a person would not care about anything. Natty Bumppo his human characteristic in many stories. For example, in chapter seven of the story called “The Deerslayer”, Natty Bumppo had done a lot of good things. In this chapter, Natty was on a canoe on the big ocean, so he tried to get into the shore but suddenly he got attack by the Indians. Those Indians trying to take over his canoe and wanted to kill him. Natty Bumppo tried to explained that the canoe belongs to him and the Indians seems to be agreed with what he had says and they walk away.

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The Indians got behind the bushes and reloading to get ready to attack Deerslayer, which is Natty Bumppo. Even though Deerslayer saw the Indian reloading, he knows they going to fire at him but he did not attack them while they loading because he thought it is wrong to attack someone like that. When the native american man already done reloading, Deerslayer and that man fired at the same time, the man was deeply wounded and got down after the big fire but Deerslayer does not get hurt or anything. The native american man yells for help because he afraid Deerslayer going to scalps his head off, but Deerslayer explained to him that he does not like to kill people or hurt anyone. Since the man tried to attack him first, that was why he fired back to protect himself. Instead of scalp the native american man’s head off, he respects that man and even get some water for that man to drink so the man will die in a more comfortable way. Even though Natty Bumppo fired at the man, he does not mean to, he does it because he has to protect himself from danger and he even tried to do something useful for them after they are down, so they will not die in a cruel and hurtful way.
Some of the characteristics of a hero still exist today are strong and humanity. No matter how many different traits a hero has, it is important to have those two characteristics, because if they are not strong enough then how could they stand up for anybody else who are weaker than them. Like Natty Bumppo, a lot of heros helped people even they knew they have to face the deaths after rescue or help them. Being strong can be mean physically and mentally which Natty Bumppo had both, he strongly face the death and strongly fights the bad native americans who tried to attack the British soldiers. Another trait is humanity, without humanity, a person is careless about everything. A person cannot be a hero if they are careless about everything. It takes loving, caring, and willingness to be a humanity person. A hero is a person who love, care, and willing for the people who need the help from another person. Both of the traits are important to have for a person who is considered as a hero.
Some of the characteristics make a person into a hero are strong and humanity and those traits are still showing in a hero’s character today. From the examples of Natty Bumppo was a very strong and human man. He helped people when he knew the punishments for him was death but he still did it. Natty does not like to hurt anyone because he feel like that is wrong to hurt any living things.
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