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The Definition of Heroism Have you ever known what being heroic is like? Well if you don't, you’ll want to find out, If you’ve ever watched a movie with a hero in it you should have a good idea of what being heroic should be but there are a lot more characteristics to a hero. Superman flies and saves people with his super strength but his weakness is kryptonite, Superman is kind, brave, and fearless. If you know spiderman he is fearless to so it is a thing that is pretty common with heroes and that's why ordinary people are heroes to it's just that they don't get noticed as they should. Although many acts of heroism don’t always have a happy ending and most heroic deeds go unnoticed, a hero is selfless for the protection of others and doesn’t …show more content…

Heros are not selfish they are selfless because to them they should care more about people than they care about themselves. Just like a firefighter, firefighters risk their lives for people that are in burning buildings they also risk their own lives for a very low chance to live. Like on 9/11, the twin towers were going to fall any second and there were still firefighters that went inside of those buildings to save people and winded up dying for the safety of others.The average person wouldn't want to risk their lives for that. Another example would be a soldier in the war, they risk their lives for the sake of our country, they also risk the fact that they could lose a limb or even worse they risk …show more content…

You want to be remembered for all that you did to help people during your life. There will be times where the hero is recognized and a good example for that is when you're in the war you either get a metal, your family throws you a welcome home party. And even worse it's not a good reward but you get a purple heart if you were to get injured in war. It's better if you were to not brag if you did do something heroic because bragging is not heroic. Being rewarded requires you to be noticed and heroes go unnoticed most of the time so they don't expect it. So a hero is something that isn't hard to be, You’ve seen heroes are all among us they just go unnoticed. Heros do not brag about what they’ve done for people they go unnoticed and they are selfless. And heroes aren't worried about being rewarded, their reward is the fact that they saved someone's life and risked theirs for it. These are the traits of heroism, this is what you want to be to help, save people when they need it. Heroism is about not expecting a reward for their job it is about being selfless and going unnoticed for everything they’ve done as a

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  • Explains the characteristics of a hero, such as superman flies and saves people with his super strength but his weakness is kryptonite, and spiderman is fearless.
  • Explains that everyday heroes don't get noticed unless they are right in front of a camera for everyone to believe that they helped someone. mothers are good examples of heroism because they raise their children and teach them what is right and wrong.
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